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By merely joining Client First Advisors granted membership benefits will reduce 30% off your current long-term fees, in addition to offering you the full services that a family office normally provides. 

Driven by our commitment to placing client interests first, our independent but collaborative culture makes Client First Advisors range of services compThrough our Family Office Services, we are able to provide comprehensive services to our clients and their related partnerships, foundations, and other entities. Our broad offering includes, but is not limited to, tax services, accounting, financial planning, budgeting and bill paying. Our dedicated staff of professionals can provide an array of services necessary for a family office, from assistance with lending, insurance, and banking matters to financial reporting and more.rehensive yet customizable. We offer investment advisory, trust company, and family office services while seeking to help clients meet their personal and complex financial needs while cutting costs dramatically.

In conjunction with Sanctuary Opportunity Funds, I want to introduce you to Client First Advisors, an opportunity zone business.

John Coppola, CEO

Sanctuary Opportunity Funds

Defer, Reduce, Eliminate Capital Gains Today.

Sanctuary Opportunity Funds is a private equity firm specializing in Qualified Opportunity Zone Investments in the low country of South Carolina. We offer accredited investors, family offices and other institutions a new tax-advantaged investment strategy that will further diversify one’s investment portfolio out of traditional investments, such as stocks and bonds, and into real estate, combined with the additional return boost due to the tax savings of the Opportunity Zones program. Unlike many larger fund companies, we are local, readily accessible to our investors and welcome investor input on potential projects. We are looking for partners, not just investors to help navigate this newly created investment landscape.

Wealth Planning

After a thorough review of a client’s circumstances and assessing their unique needs, our advisory team constructs an in-depth, actionable plan to address targeted goals. This service is customizable and will involve multiple disciplines, with a holistic perspective on identifying the most appropriate approach to pursue. While some individuals, families, family offices, foundations, endowments, and non-profit institutions tend to focus their financial efforts primarily on investment returns, we formulate approaches that seek to preserve and grow wealth, help clients prepare for future needs, and assess legacy goals for future generations. We apply our extensive experience across an integrated array of services:

Investment Advisory

To help our clients pursue their investment goals, Sanctuary Investment Group offers investment expertise and advice to personalize asset allocation and investment plans. The core of our service is based on the objective investment advice we seek to provide, supported by an open-architecture platform wherein we identify and select best-in-class third-party investment advisors combined with our own management’s investment strategies. Our allocation recommendation may incorporate a variety of vehicles, including our network of third-party managers, mutual funds, ETFs, alternative strategies, opportunity funds, private equity funds, real estate, and more as may be appropriate. Our advice is driven by an independent analysis of opportunities in line with our client’s objectives, viewed within our long-term, global perspective.

Trust Company Services

Trust and other fiduciary services are provided by carefully selected non-affiliated partners that work hand in hand with our team to develop, enhance, and act on tailored, personalized trust plans–to provide advice on fiduciary considerations, tax implications, regulatory developments, and other relevant guidance. Thru such partners, we also provide fiduciary administration services, including tax preparation and tax compliance services, and delegate investment management activities to Sanctuary Investment Group.

Insurance Services

Our insurance subsidiary will create Custom programs for diverse and unique activities and assets. We assist the family with the design and structure to address the insurance and risk management needs for the diverse activities and assets of the wealthy family. We consult, design, implement, and manage insurance programs that can include personal, commercial, professional, benefits, aviation, and watercraft coverages. We can also explore solutions for extremely unique risk exposures. We’ll develop a single holistic personal insurance program for the family that includes the implementation of family standards and placement protocols as well as the benefits of premium advantages, management efficiencies, and industry-leading solutions.

Philanthropic Services

The Philanthropic Opportunity Fund, LP is a Qualified Opportunity Fund that is designed to promote economic vitality to low income communities across the country that have not shared in the general economic prosperity over the past decade. In lieu of your normal donation to a charity that makes questionable investments for which you only receive a tax write-off, our mandate is clear, and all the contributions will go directly toward those areas within opportunity zones and after 10 years be returned to your organization so you can redistribute your funds how you see fit.

Risk Management

Counsel — Through our in-depth, comprehensive consultation and vast industry expertise, we are able to deliver a customized personal insurance program with recommendations to address the diverse exposures of each family member while taking into account differing holdings, geographies, and levels of risk tolerance. Further, because we have a firm-wide culture of collaboration, we are able to utilize our global resources to provide the family with specialized expertise across geographies.

Mortgage Services

Our Mortgage Group understands that each homeowner has unique financing concerns and that’s why our goal is to design the right financing program for you while making the entire process stress-free. We have built a great reputation in Charleston through this remarkable customer service and our friendly, knowledgeable staff that make the home financing process as seamless as possible. 

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